Maya Brings Her Cozy Dozys to a Sleepover Party!

#ad This video is sponsored by Moose Toys

Maya and her new friend Stephanie are back at Toy Kindergarten and have a homework assignment to take care of a brand new toy called Cozy Dozy! Meet Cubbles the bear! With over 25 different sounds and reactions, you can tickle her belly, rub her head, and sooth her with her pacifer. So fun! The silly kids have a sleepover planned at their friend Henslee’s house. Good thing they’ll have their Cozy Dozys to keep them company.

New from Little Live are Cozy Dozys, who are super soft and interactive cuddly teddy bears that are so playful and the perfect bedtime buddies. Cozy Dozys respond to being tickled on their tummy and patted on their heads. They come with an included blanket to be lovingly wrapped in and a toy pacifier to help soothe them off to sleep. Hold them in your arms, wrap them up in their blanket, give them the pacifier and watch them fall asleep. So soft and cuddly they are a dream to be with.

Music credits:
Sunday Sunrise by Adrian Walther
Paper Parade by BENSON
The Floor is Lava by Avocado Junkie
Hysterical by Strength to Last
Home Run by Avocado Junkie
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That Pop Song by Matt Wigton
The Future is Basic by New Wave Sounds
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